Functional maintenance services of BPM systems

Phipent’s BPM Functional maintenance services encompass a proper function of the operations of our customers. It focus on aspects related to the proper function of the technological infrastructure, software configuration and support for system users.

These services are structured as follows:

  • Maintenance services and recurring support
    • Maintenance services of information systems
      • Corrective maintenance
      • Adaptive and perfective maintenance
      • Preventive maintenance
    • User Support Services
      • Functional support
      • Technical support
    • Technical coordination services
  • Evolutionary maintenance services

Monitoring and Analytics systems Implementation

Monitoring and analysing BPM systems through a key process indicator system allows real Business Process Management. These systems enable managers to perform periodic monitoring process of the indicators and also, it estimates the degree of achievement of business objectives.

To achieve this goal, we carry out projects to implement Business Intelligence Systems and dashboards that include:

  • Analysis and definition of Key Process Indicators (KPI) based on business objectives.
  • Setting indicators in the monitoring system.
  • Configuring integration with the BPM system.
  • Go Live and Change Management.